Our Mission

The School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities blog is the central digital platform for the SASAH student body. Designed, authored, and managed by SASAH students, the blog fulfills two key functions. First, it showcases the academic, community, professional, and international study, work, and accomplishments of all SASAH students. Secondly, it combines critical reflection, creative expression, and social commentary in order to reflect student views of the School’s diverse learning experience. Through both functions SASAH students speak at local, national, and global levels about the transformational role of a cultural education in the arts and humanities. We’re here to educate our imaginations; we’re here to be global citizens; we’re here to make a difference in the world.

And we’re happy to have you join us in the conversation.



Paul Scala – Classroom Commentary

Adam Helmers – Course in Context

Jacqueline Grassi – Creative Connections

Tamar Bresge – Campus and Community, Fourth Hour 2013


Jasmeen Siddiqui – Managing Editor

Meg Cormack – Editor-in-Chief