Fourth Hour

For this year’s group of students, three hours of SASAH a week was just not enough! To this end, the faculty and research fellows created “Fourth Hour”. Once a week, the students of SASAH meet with their professor outside of class time in order to further their studies in non-traditional ways. This has included film screenings, guest speakers, live performances and explorations of rare collections: all in the first term! The inclusion of these extra hours allow not only for extended learning, but for further bonding within the school. Because fourth hour focuses on themes or ideas studied in class, they allow for students to experience the fact that their studies have real world applications. While this is far from the only unique learning aspect offered, it certainly helps to make clear why SASAH is such a rewarding experience: by investing in SASAH, students are not only investing in their education but also in their futures. In the creation of fourth hour, the faculty is demonstrating not only an understanding of this benefit, but also a promise to uphold it.

– The Editors


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